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Wrestler of the Year Award


In order to make the Wrestler of the Year award process interesting and a goal any wrestler can try to achieve, I've made a point system in order to make the process easy for people to understand and keep track of.

Wins=5 pts. Wins over a previous state placer gets you an additional 10 points. That goes for any class since its hard to track who is better than who.

Losses=-5 pt. That goes for any loss.

1-3 tourney placing=15 pts. for first, 10 pts. for second, 5 pts. for third 

Regional tourney placing= 40 pts. for first, 10 pts. for second and 5 pts. for third.

State tourney placing= 80 pts. for first, 30 pts. for second, 20 pts. for third, 15 pts. for fourth, 10 pts. for fifth, 5 pts. for sixth.


Wrestlers who place at these tournaments during the season, will receive additional points. These tournament change from time to time, so here is this years list:

Name                           Additional Tournament Points

Reno TOC                    1. 60 pts, 2. 40 pts., 3. 30 pts

Resers TOC                 1. 60 pts,  2. 40 pts, 3. 30 pts.

Cottage Grove Invite  1. 30 pts, 2. 20 pts, 3. 10 pts.

Coast Classic              1. 40 pts, 2. 20 pts, 3. 10 pts.

Sierra Nevada Classic 1. 30 pts, 2. 20 pts, 3. 10 pts

Culver Invite               1. 30 pts, 2. 20 pts, 3. 10 pts

Tri State                     1. 30 pts, 2. 20 pts, 3. 10 pts.

Rollie Lane                 1. 30 pts, 2. 20 pts, 3. 10 pts
Rose City                   1. 40pts, 2. 30pts, 3. 20pts

BEO Invite                  1. 30 pts, 2. 20 pts, 3. 10pts.

Doc Buchanan           1. 50 pts, 2. 30 pts., 3. 10 pts.

Wrestlers must have a minimum of atleast 15 matches in order to qualify for the points to count at the end of the year. This is to keep kids that haven't wrestled as much due to injuries, grades and so on, as the kid who lasts all season, from some how pulling ahead of the kid who wasn't hurt or in trouble.

I will keep track of all the points on the rankings page, as long as the info. I receive is accurate, this shouldn't be a problem. I will post results on this site on a weekly or bi-weekly timeframe. Results will also be posted on and Oregon Wrestler.

After state, I will have a list of the top wrestlers from each weight in each classification. This list will be emailed to coaches and media throughout the state.

Hopefully, this makes sense to all and I am open to any real suggestions to make this process as painless as possible. No favorites will play a factor in this since only the top point totals at each weight will qualify for the final voting process and only the High School coaches throughout the state vote on each kid. Each coach will get one vote per classification, 5 votes total.

Remember any coach that wants to be part of this process, just email me, so I can add you to the list. The idea is to get as many coaches on the voting list as possible. I would certainly hope that I could get over 100 coaches/media on this list someday.

Remember the winner of the award from 6A, 5A, 4A, 3A and 2A/1A will receive a nice, specialized award for their efforts with name, weight, class, school and any other pertinant info. I want to make this an award every wrestler wants to achieve in the future.

Previous Award Winners

6A Osawaru Odighizuwa David Douglas
5A Sam Colbray Hermiston
4A Colin Purinton Banks
3A Hans Rockwell Riverside

6A Osawaru Odighizuwa David Douglas
5A Sam Colbray Hermiston
4A Tyler Berger Crook County
3A Hans Rockwell Riverside
2A Tanner Harvey Lowell

Not Awarded

6A Brandon Griffin Sprague
5A Zac Brunson Churchill
4A Ronnie Bresser Henley
3A Hans Rockwell Riverside
2A Quinn Johnston Gold Beach

6A Mikey Rodriguez Hillsboro
5A Joey Delgado Hermiston
4A Colton Schilling Sweet Home
3A (Tie) Brigham Hansen Riverside
     George Swartzlender Burns
2A Zac Cardwell Lowell

6A Alex Elder West Salem
5A Zac Brunson Churchill
4A Cody Randall N Marion
3A Brigham Hansen Riverside
2A Zach Cardwell Lowell

6A RJ Pena Sprague
5A Brock Gutches Crater
4A John Tuck LaGrande
3A Devan Dawson Harrisburg
2A Cy Swartzlender Lakeview

6A RJ Pena Sprague
5A Bo Christiansen Corvallis
4A Ryland Geiger Scappoose
3A Devan Dawson Harrisburg
2A Miguel Baltazar Culver


6A RJ Pena Sprague

5A Ryan Smith Crook County

4A Josh Stalcup Estacada

3A Jacob Tomlin Colton

2A Miguel Baltazar Culver



4A Norman Richmond Jefferson

3A Zack Geisen North Valley

2A Miguel Baltazar Culver



4A Bryson Gutches Churchill

3A Ben Cate Burns

2A Barry Johnson Dayton

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