How to advertise here 

     This site has the most readership of any wrestling site in Oregon. Advertising here is a great way for businesses to get their name and product in front of wrestling fans on a regular basis. The funds from this site go to fund the Oregon Wrestler helping to continue to provide the service.


      If you’re interested in advertising a camp or clinic, the ad rates are below. For any special inquaries please contact us. You can also,  advertise services or products besides camps orclinics at the same rates. You may supply the ad/flyer or have one mocked up by an artist from Damaged Ear.


     The ad space in the header at the top of each page goes for $100/month. The side column ads will go up in order of first come, but I do rotate them around and are priced below.



Camp Advertisement Rates 


1-60 Days-$45 Pre-Paid


2-3 Months-$60 Pre-Paid


3-4 Months-$70 Pre-Paid


4-5 Months-$80 Pre-Paid


5-6 Months-$90 Pre-Paid


Side Banner Advertisement


1-6 Months-$90 Pre-Paid


7-12 Months-$150 Pre-Paid


Header Advertisement


$100/ Per Month


 If you have questions regarding this you may e-mail me here or call Scott at 541-868-6911


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